Mason Mount learning from Chelsea boss Frank Lampard with extra training

Mason Mount says he’s undertaken additional training sessions with Frank Lampard and insists there’s”no better person to learn from” compared to Chelsea boss.
The 20-year-old midfielder was known as into the England squad of Gareth Southgate for the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Kosovo and Bulgaria after an impressive start to life in the Premier League under Lampard at Chelsea, after the couple enjoyed a successful season at Derby final term.
Lampard is Chelsea’s record goalscorer with 211 targets in 648 matches and Mount, who has scored two in four Premier League matches this year, is eager to soak up as much knowledge as he could from the Blues supervisor, that has seen him take extra one-on-one sessions following training.
“After coaching we do some finishing occasionally,” he said. “I’m obviously talking to him daily, especially after the games – that which I could do , at which I could make the runs and in which I could get into the box.
“I am always talking to him and trying to learn things each day, mainly after coaching doing finishing.
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“There’s no better man to learn from him.”
Lampard won over 100 caps for his country during his playing career and Mount, who joined up with the England team in October last year without enjoying, said that he has spoken with his club supervisor for guidance ahead of a possible first senior cap now around.
“After I have called up first last year, he [Lampard] sat me down in his office and explained to me I was phoned up,” he said.
“It turned out to be a massive, enormous moment for myself. This moment, he just spoke to me and said,’You have been called up again, go into it working like you’ve been performing at Chelsea’. So as I always do , I’ve talked to him a little bit and taken things off him.
“When I am with him it’s mostly about golf football, focusing on what we’re doing in the Premier League. Having two or one talks together with him, he’s said it’s definitely a moment to symbolize your county go and enjoy it.
“It’s such a thrilling period for English soccer. He said simply go there and love playing football for England.”
Chelsea have picked up five points this season as Lampard navigates the team through a transportation ban, while attempting to integrate lots of youth players.
Mount admits that that the team have had an inconsistent start into life but is made to enhance going forward and states that the players have made their place.
“It has been a difficult start. We have a young team – clearly we have assembled together,” he explained. “It’s a brand new team as well. But we’ve been working hard and it has been a start we think and look back on, yeah, it’s been ok, but we are looking forward to working hard.
“I believe it possibly played a part [him playing due to move embargo], but you have got to work hard to earn your starting place. The boys have done that and it has been a fantastic start and we hoping to keep that.
“It’s a significant step up [in the Championship]. You look at the league, it’s one of the top leagues around the world. The amount of performance through every team is massive so it’s definitely a step up but I believe if you are ready for this step up and ready to enter the match, you understand how large intensity the Premier League is, which means you have got to be ready to take every chance. Thus, it’s been a good start for me and I am excited about the rest of the year”
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